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How to brow!

Bijgewerkt: 1 apr 2018

When I tell you that the eyebrows are the most important things to give character to your face, you won’t be surprised. But who wants two dark stripes above their eyes, Bert and Ernie style?! That’s right, nobody! So how do you get the perfect brows? Well like I said, good brows not only give your face character, but also give you a more youthful and vibrant look. They also frame your eyes. So in conclusion: if the brows are wrong, the whole picture is wrong! Keep on reading to know all about how to your brows properly.

"If the brows are wrong, the whole picture is wrong!"

The first steps to a perfect brow!

The tools you’re going to need are a tweezer and a little scissor. Those will “clean up” the eyebrows. After that you can use soms smart make up tricks that can give your brows some more power! Get yourself a (sharp) brow pencil (maybe even two), a colored eyebrow pallet, an eyebrow gel (colored or clear) and if you’d like you can also get a beige toned highlighter. (Shown in the picture below.)

Eyebrows are sisters, not twins!

We all know this saying, and it is so very true. You’ll never get them perfectly even, and that is okay! So don’t worry about it. Just know that the “right” shape of eyebrow will give you a more fresh, vibrant and open look. Always try to use 2 shades that match your eyebrows. Use the lightest pencil to fill in the area’s between the hairs to add some shadow, or depth. Always use a sharp pencil. That way you can work very precise. Use short and angled stripes in the same direction of the hair growth. Then you use the darker pencil to really color the hairs. That way you’ll really emphasize the brow. After that you can use the colored eyebrow gel to comb the hairs into the desired position, which should be upwards. Because full eyebrows look powerful. I highly recommend, for example, Anastasia Beverly Hills. She is the queen of brows and I'll leave a link here so you can go and take a look at her collection!

"Eyebrows are sisters, not twins!"

Wax in your eyebrows? Why not?!

This is the key to keeping your eyebrows in place all day long. Another tip to keep your eyebrows looking sharp, is use a spooly and brown soap! Grandma’s secret.

Stimulating eyebrow growth or microblading?

Not everyone is a master in drawing perfect eyebrows. To be really honest, just a few people can. Some people have very thin brows from plucking them for so many years! (Gotta love the nineties.) So don’t be discouraged, there are other ways to achieve a good brow look.

First of all you can try and stimulate the hair growth. That why M2brows created a product that will do just that in eight weeks. You can try it out for €130!

Do you not have the patience to wait eight weeks? Than I have the answer, namely microblading. With this technique pigment is being brought into the skin. So it’s kind of like a tattoo, only it will last for about two years. But that depends on your skin. So it might be less, but it might also be longer! A good tip: do your research! This is something that will stay on your face for a while, so make sure you trust the artist and are familiar with their work.

After the first treatment, you’ll have to go back for a touch-up. After a few months, you’ll notice that the pigment will start to fade. That is normal and is easily fixed by the artist. Like I said before, make sure you are on the same level as the artist. Discuss shape, thickness, color, … The best advice I can give is find yourself an artist that does this on a daily basis. For example beautoloy Nancy Bormans. She’s a real expert! Sometimes a tattoo on your face doesn’t have to be so scary!

Until next time!


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