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Smile for the camera, honey!

The sun is out, nature is blooming, birds are singing, … and we social media addicts awaken to make those perfect pictures. (Eventhough 60% of us hate nature, because 'ew' bugs.) We Stand in beautiful sceneries of trees and flowers but we can’t do that without looking flawless for those pictures. Wether it’s a fashionshoot or a selfie! Today I’ll tell you about the products that will give you just that, a flawless look for those very important insta-glow! Bye bye filter, hello makeup tips that’ll make you a pro in no time.

  • Make sure before you put anything on your skin, that it is hydrated. That on itself will give you that smooth opaque looking skin. Dior Capture Youth Lift Sculptor, a serum that contains a mix of green and white tea. It will prevent the skin from losing elasticity and make it more firm.

  • Next, prime prime prime my friends. That way your makeup will last longer and it will make your skin the perfect canvas. Light always reflects better on a smooth surface! A good product for that could be SOS Primer Clarins available in 6 different shades.

  • When you’re doing your close-ups, preferably you’re going to want to have a perfect complexion. You do that by concealing and (colour)correcting. With the right colour you can correct any imperfections. Peach will neutralize dark circles, green will cover up any redness and lila will help brighten up tired skin. Rimmel Insta Conceal & Correct.

  • We all know that foundation is the true Insta-filter for the skin. Make sure you use the right colour. Meaning the one that blends in perfectly with your own skin tone. We don’t want oompa-loompa’s! Forever Undercover by Dior.

  • And now for some true magic, contouring! The camera loves well defined cheekbones! How do you make that happen? I’ll let you take a look into my box of tricks. Suck in your cheeks, known as the fishface! That way you’ll be able to clearly see and feel where your cheekbones are. Then apply a cream (or powder) in a shade that is a fraction darker than your natural colour right under the cheekbone. Draw a line from the ear to the mouth. (Don’t bring it down all the way to the mouth, stop at the end of the cheek!) Now blend it for the gods! And ofcourse do the same thing on both sides. This trick will enhance the V shape of your face.

  • A shiny face is a selfie no-go. I would apply a powder but not on the entire face, just on the areas that shine the most over time like the forehead and nose. Do that to fixate the makeup and matify the skin. Rimmel Fix & Matte.

  • You can also use highlighter to emphasize the bone-structure! It gives shine and gives a glistening finish. I advise you to apply it to the cheekbones, cupidsbow, inner eye and bridge of the nose.

  • Give your skin a healthy glow by applying some blush to the cheeks. Preferably a cream blush because it will melt into the skin perfectly and thus look more natural. Get that natural glow honey!

Now that you look even more beautiful with that smooth skin, that reflects light in all the perfect places, you’re ready for the camera! Laugh, set, selfie!

Until the next blog my darling!


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