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Red lips for Valentine's day

February is the month of love. Love for your partner but also for yourself. Can’t wait to give your partner the kiss they wont forget? Or do you just want to look stunning with a red lip? (Single girls, I’ve got your back!) Then keep on reading!

Get the perfect red lip with the following tips!

When you’re thinking about applying red lipstick, or any dark lipcolor, you have to make sure your lips are smooth. (Who likes chapped lips, am I right?) Make sure you lightly scrub your lips. A good example would be the Mac "Lip Scrubtious". After that apply a lipbalm to insert moisture. With natural makeup, you can make your lips the focal point. Just like a statement necklace. There is absolutely nothing wrong with combining a colorfull eye with a bold lip. Just know that it will turn your makeup look from natural to dramatic. But to each their own! There are several types of lippaints you can use, and each of them will have a different look and feel. Matte lipsticks will last longer, but can possibly dry out your lips. Creamy lipsticks will hydrate your lips, but you’ll have to reapply them more often. A lipliner as a base is a real must! It will stop the lipstick from “bleeding” and will make sure your lipstick will stay in place all day!

"With natural makeup, you can make your lips the focal point. Just like a statement necklace."

With your lipliner, draw an x in the middle of your toplip. When you do, follow the lines of your cupids bow. After the x, follow the natural lines of your lips with the pencil. This will prevent the lipstick from bleeding into the fine lines around your lips. Take your time when applying your favorite red color, and preferably use a lip pencil. This will also make it last longer. It’s best to apply two layers but between the first and second application, pop a tissue between your lips and gently press them together. (You can also apply a clear powder between layers. A trick I use very often!) You now have your finished red lip, but you can also give it a little twist. For example: use a little bit of highlighter on your bottom lip to make it pop. Or you can use a gloss on top, to make your lips look even fuller. Last but not least, use a fine brush to line the lips with concealer. That way the lines will look flawless!

"Use a little bit of highlighter on your bottom lip to make it pop."

Fuller or smaller lips?

Dark lipsticks will make your lips look smaller. For that reason, if you want to let your small lips look bigger, use a more light color. Thank god that there’s a red for everyone. Another plus is that a red lipstick with a blue undertone will make your teeth look whiter. If you use one with a more orangey undertone, your teeth will have a more yellow shine. If you’re not sure what color of red suits you best, try it out on your fingertips. The color on the fingertips resembles the color of your lips.

Find your personal red color!

Here’s a good guideline on finding your perfect red color, based on the color of your skin:

· Light/fair skin: red with a blue undertone

· Medium skin: coralred of red with an orange undertone

· Olive skin: a crimson red or fuchsia red

· Dark skin: brown-red or red with a purple undertone

Here are some of my favorite red lipsticks!

Mac lipstick: Russian Red € 19,50

Fenty beauty by Rihanna : Stunna Lippaint €22,95

Jouer : Fraise bonbon € 17,40

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