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Let's talk foundation!

It will come to no surprise that the majority of women find that finding a good foundation is pretty damn hard! And if you then are lucky enough to find that perfect color and texture, you still need to apply it in a good way. (I know, life’s so hard sometimes.) Well I’m here to make life a little more bearable! (You’re welcome.) I’ll give you some tips about how to properly apply that base.

Always make sure you ask for a sample before buying a foundation! Test it out first.

I find that there are a lot of misconceptions about foundation. A lot of men and women think that when they use foundation, they’ll look worse instead of better. That worries me because foundation is such a wonderful and versatile product.

Why do we even use foundation? Well, every artist likes to work on a flawless canvas. Wether it’s a painting or a face. think of yourself as an artist. Only your canvas is your own face.

Another misconception is that foundation is used to give more ‘color’ to your face. And that, ladies and gentleman, is why some people walk around orange. This is so wrong! Foundation is meant to smoothen out your complexion, not to darken it. It also makes other products, such as blush and bronzer, look better! That’s a win-win, right?

Scared of applying that base?

Well, yes, a lot of women and men are. But the biggest mistake is that most people think that they have to cover their entire face with foundation. And I mean, you can because I for example do, but It’s not a necessity. The cake look is not for everyone. Foundation can be used on some ‘problem’ areas. Like for example around the nose to cover some redness or blemishes. Combine it with your favorite concealer ét voila!

How to choose the perfect color?

Go for a color that equals the color of your neck and cleavage. When you go foundation shopping, do it with a clean and bare face. That way you can try the colors out on your neck and cheek. When you’re doubting between two colors, always pick the lighter one. That way you’ll avoid the orange look that will also make you look older. If you don’t want to choose, than you use the lighter one for fall/winter and the darker one for when you have a tan.

Foundation as a eyeshadow base?

Nope! It will not do you any favors. It’ll make your eyeshadow look lighter and bland. Your eyelid will get more oily and it will make the eyeshadow fade faster and cake up in the lines of the lid. It’s always better to use an eyeshadow primer or even your concealer if your skin is more on the dry side.

Does a brush or sponge really make a difference?

Very much so. It will make your foundation look like a million euros! (See what I did there?) You’ll use less of the product and you’ll be able to apply it more even. A good side note is that when you use a brush or a make-up sponge, you’ll have less visible lines and wrinkles. (How awesome is that? How can you not already be sold on foundation?!)

Extra beauty tips

  • Like I already mentioned before: always use concealer AFTER your foundation!

  • Your daytime foundation will do just fine as your party/friendsnight foundation. You don’t need to apply a thicker layer just because you’re going out. Some people think that if you want to look more glamorous, you have to whack on some more foundation. Please don’t. In the case of a glamorous look, you’re better off with a sultry eyelook! The foundation that works for you during the daytime, will work for you at nightime!

  • When applying foundation, it’s better to do so in daylight! If possible of course. A good alternative is led light with more of a white tone instead of a yellow tone.

  • The more extravagant your look, the more important the use of foundation is!

  • And my lovely people, last but not least: never wear too much foundation and never ever wear the wrong color! Please. Just don’t.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! If you’ve got any more questions about foundation, its application or how to determine your foundation color, don’t hesitate to send us a message!

Much love and until next time.

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