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How to: Springglow

Spring is finally here! Nature comes alive and so should we. This is the perfect time to pamper yourself, because you goddamn deserve it after this awful winter! I’ll tell you how to start glowing again.

Create the perfect springlook with the following tips

With the arrival of a new springtime, it’s time to take on a new lifestyle! We put the seasons of comfort food behind us and start taking more care of ourselves, because you know, summer is coming! You want a summerbody and not springrolls. (See what I did there.) And just kidding, you are perfect the way you are. But let’s start living a little better and longer by using all natural products. That’s also the case for our skin. Use a lipbalm and add some vibrant colors on your lips and blush on the cheeks, to create a fresh look. Use a babypink color for a more pale skintone and a fushia for a more darker skin. You also want to make your eyes shine again with some light colors on the eyelid. The eyebrows can be groomed and trimmed and make-up can be feminine, radiant and sexy. Through your springmake-up looks you can get immediate result (because make-up is powerful), but it’s also very important to take care of your skin. Which you can get through, like we said before, adapting a new lifestyle. So, start today and break through those winter habits. (Or to some, life habits! Like myself.) Start with telling yourself on daily basis how beautiful, awesome and amazing you are. (Because you really are. Because remember: Springrolls are delicious!) If you start doing this, you’ll notice that after just 21 days you’ll start to get a more positive self confidence.

Products that are perfect for that springlook

· Eau Micellaire - Bioderma

· Magic Cream – Charlotte Tilbury

· Eat Beautiful – Wendy Rowe

· Faithful Face Guard – Rainpharma

· Jo Loves Parfum – Jo Malone

Give your skin a healthy glow:

Are you keen on having a fresh springlook? Give yourself a “glow”?! Since I know everything, let me tell you how:

1. Cleanse your skin with a cleansing cream and afterwards take it off with a damp, warm washcloth.

2. Use a cotton pad to apply a lotion.

3. Apply a hydrating or anti-aging serum and let it really soak into the skin. (Cater to the needs of your skin, darlings.)

4. Afterwards use an eyecream and a lipbalm.

5. Make sure you give some extra care where needed. For example when you have acne prone skin or if you have some discoloration on some parts of the skin like roscae …

6. Apply a daycream that’s perfect for your skintype.

7. Try to use a SPF on a daily basis.

8. Try to give your skin a good pampering by applying a mask once every week. (It’s awesome, trust me! Maybe later I’ll write about all the types of masks your can use: hydrating, exfoliating, peeling, …)

9. Before bed, repeat steps 1 through 8, wether you’re wearing makeup or not!

10. And ofcourse, apply the night cream that caters to your skin before bed. Perfect to end your day, am I right?

Hope you enjoyed this blog!

Until next time darlings.


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